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Have you ever asked yourself...

  • Do I have time to commit?
  • Am I fit enough to start?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Will I succeed?
  • What about my injuries?
  • Will people judge me?
  • Will this be a waste of money?
  • Will it be worth it?


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OUR Programs

Weight Loss Transformations

A holistic approach utilizing Strength Training, Nutrition, Daily Movement and Routines to not only get you results, but give you the tools necessary to become the person you want to be.

Personal Training

Achieve your fitness goals by working with our expert coaches and following a personalized fitness program that is engineered to get you the results you want.

Nutrition Mentoring

Never go it alone again. Work hand in hand with one of our Nutrition Mentors to create healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will transform the way you live your life forever.

success stories

Maddie S
Maddie S
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"Before starting at the gym I had lacked self confidence and held a lot of anxiety around my ability to create a healthy gym routine."
Austin has been incredibly patient while using his knowledge to create multiple manageable workouts tailored to our personal needs. I’ve learned so much by having Austin as my trainer. His guidance and personal investment in our health has kept me motivated, which is what ultimately keeps me on track. What’s different about my journey this time is that I feel supported by a community that I never before knew had existed. This gym has impacted my life by teaching me that a healthy and consistent schedule is the first step in regaining control of my life!
Kathlene S
Kathlene S
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“My issues/problems that needed to be fixed far transcended just being overweight and needing to lose it.”
I had poor habits, poor self esteem, and overall I just didn’t find myself worthy enough to even give the time of day to start to correct things.It often felt like running on sand. I knew I was taking steps and moving but it was hard and I often didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.My mindset has changed. Not only do I know I can do it and put in the work but I also feel my life, my happiness and feeling good about myself are worth it.What kind of changes have you seen already in your journey? My outlook on myself has changed. I thought myself lazy and a person who couldn’t stick with anything longer than 2 weeks. Well here I still am working on a better me.Going to the gym with Austin has given me a chance to make life more of what I want it to look like. This isn’t just through working out but also with each interaction with Austin. He challenges you to see yourself and work harder for yourself inside and outside of the gym.
Francie S
Francie S
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“The problem I was having before I started was getting myself to stay consistent with working out and eating right, while working full time, going to school, being a mom and caretaker for my parents.”
It just felt impossible and I was constantly stressing about EVERYTHING. No one ever really talks about postpartum depression and how it can affect mothers and their health, but I felt defeated, discouraged and alone. It was like I hit a roadblock with my health and that is because I did not realize my mental health is also part of my physical health. This journey is different because I am learning to love the process of working out, eating healthy and most importantly building a healthy relationship with everything around me. This journey has helped me to change my mind set with working out, eating and managing my life. Working out doesn’t really feel like a chore that I am forcing myself to do. I learned that going on walks is just as good as jogging on the treadmill. It has helped me really learn to love myself, take accountability of my choices and to not force things but rather ease myself in a task. I’ve always been in and out of the gym, but this time around I am loving it. It’s important for me because I need to stay healthy for my daughter, she means the world to me ( I also need to keep up with the little monster).

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